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Limited ZYDELIG® Distribution Network

ZYDELIG is available through a select distribution network that offers comprehensive pharmacy services to patients.

Our Case Specialist Team will work with your patient's specialty pharmacy to ensure ZYDELIG is delivered.

Select the pharmacy scenario that applies to your patients to obtain contact information.

Specialty Pharmacies

ZYDELIG is available primarily through select specialty pharmacies and mailed directly to the patients' homes or your office on their behalf. ZYDELIG® AccessConnect® can determine which specialty pharmacy is associated with your patients' insurance and ensure that the prescription is forwarded to them for processing.

Help your patients find the right specialty pharmacy

  1. Complete this form (one per patient)
  2. Check the box requesting a specialty pharmacy assignment
  3. Review the process with the patient and have patient sign and date form
  4. Prescriber signs and dates form

Your patients may obtain their ZYDELIG prescriptions from one of the following five specialty pharmacies:


  • Phone: 1-​877-7​83-22​62
  • Phone: 1-​877-7​32-34​31
  • Fax: 1​-8​88-302-1​028
  • www.accredo.com


CVS Specialty:


  • Phone: 1​-8​77-662-66​33
  • Fax: 1-​877-6​62-63​55
  • www.onco360.com


  • Phone: 1-​87​7-445-6​874
  • Fax: 1-​877-3​42-45​96
  • www.optum.com

Specialty Distributors
(in-office pharmacies)

ZYDELIG is available for patients who obtain their ZYDELIG prescriptions through practices that have in-office pharmacies that are part of the following specialty distribution networks:

Cardinal Health:

Oncology Supply:

McKesson Specialty Health:

Hospital Distributors

ZYDELIG is available for patients who obtain their ZYDELIG prescriptions through hospital pharmacies that are part of the following hospital distribution networks:

ASD Healthcare:

Cardinal Health:

McKesson Plasma & Biologics:

All information provided is accurate at time of publication.

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Coverage & Prior Authorization

Get help determining and navigating insurance requirements for ZYDELIG coverage, including prior authorizations and appeals.

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