Support to Help Patients Take Their Medication as Prescribed

ZYDELIG® AccessConnect® understands that it may be challenging for patients to remember to take their medication.

This is why we offer patients access to our Patient Support Nurses, who can:

Patient Support Nurse communication

Patients who enroll in nurse support will receive the following outreach calls.

Introduction call

Your patients will receive a welcome call from a ZYDELIG AccessConnect Patient Support Nurse to discuss the AccessConnect program. The Patient Support Nurse will also confirm with your patients the receipt of their medication from the specialty pharmacy.

Follow-up services

Your patients will receive an initial follow-up call within 4 to 6 weeks after the introduction call and periodically thereafter to discuss their ZYDELIG therapy and help answer any questions they may have. Additionally, the Patient Support Nurse can provide your patients with useful tips to help them take their medication as prescribed as well as provide access to patient resource groups.

Financial Support

Learn about financial programs that may help make ZYDELIG more affordable for patients.

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Resource Center

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