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Answers to Common Questions About ZYDELIG® Access

Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about ZYDELIG access.

Q: How long does it take to obtain ZYDELIG coverage?

A: In many cases, a benefits investigation can be completed in minutes. However, some payers require a prior authorization, which can often take more than 45 days. ZYDELIG® AccessConnect® is available to help you and your patients monitor the process.

Q: How can I start my patient on ZYDELIG while the prior authorization is moving forward?

A: If the patient's insurance requires more than 5 business days to complete a prior authorization, your patient may be able to avoid delayed treatment with the QuickStart Program.* Eligible patients may receive a free 30-day supply of ZYDELIG. There is no purchase obligation for participation in the QuickStart Program.

Q: What if the payer denies coverage?

A: In the event that coverage is denied, ZYDELIG AccessConnect can provide information on how to appeal the decision.

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Get help determining and navigating insurance requirements for ZYDELIG coverage, including prior authorizations and appeals.

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