Affording ZYDELIG®

You Could Receive Help Paying for ZYDELIG

Gilead understands that paying for medication can pose financial hardships. ZYDELIG® AccessConnect® can help match you with a financial assistance program that may meet your needs based on your particular circumstances and insurance situation and the eligibility criteria for the program.

Read below to learn more, or go straight to the program that may be right for you by selecting one of the following coverage scenarios:

What type of insurance do you have?

I have commercial/private insurance

(such as PPOs, HMOs, and non-governmental employer plans)

You may be eligible for the ZYDELIG AccessConnect Copay Coupon Card. Get details

I have government/public insurance

(such as Medicare Part D, Medicaid, DoD, and VA)

You may be eligible for assistance from independent nonprofit copay foundations. Get details

I am unsure whether I have commercial or government insurance

We can help!
Contact the ZYDELIG AccessConnect care line

I don’t have health insurance

Do you reside in the United States?

Yes No

You may be eligible to receive ZYDELIG free of charge through the ZYDELIG Patient Assistance Program. Get details

We’re sorry, but our patient assistance services are available to US residents only.

Copay Coupon Card

If you have commercial/private insurance, you may be eligible for our ZYDELIG AccessConnect Copay Coupon Card. See full terms and conditions and get enrolled.

Patients with government prescription drug coverage, including patients in the Medicare Part D coverage gap, or “donut hole," are not eligible. The Copay Coupon Program covers out-of-pocket costs of ZYDELIG for eligible patients after they pay the first $5 per prescription fill, up to a maximum of 25% of the catalog price.

Government Insurance Support

If you have a government insurance plan, like Medicare, you may be eligible for financial assistance from independent foundations that offer copays, coinsurance, and other related expenses.

Patient Assistance Program

If your insurance does not cover ZYDELIG, you may be eligible to receive ZYDELIG free of charge. Get more details about the program and eligibility criteria.

Nurse Support

Get support and tips from a team of dedicated Patient Support Nurses for taking your medication as prescribed.

View Support Services

Access Support

We can help answer insurance and financial questions related to ZYDELIG.

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