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Answers to Common Questions About Starting ZYDELIG®

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about ZYDELIG coverage and assistance.

Q: My health insurance company denied coverage. Am I eligible for assistance?

A: ZYDELIG® AccessConnect® can help identify the reason for the denial, contact your insurer to determine the appeal process, and provide this information to your doctor. We can also work with you to determine if you are eligible for financial assistance programs to help you afford your ZYDELIG treatment. To get started, contact the ZYDELIG AccessConnect Program, or learn about more potential ways to get financial assistance.

Q: ZYDELIG is not covered by my health plan. Is there assistance available to me?

A: If ZYDELIG is not covered and you meet certain eligibility requirements, including income limit, ZYDELIG can be provided at no cost through our Patient Assistance Program. ZYDELIG AccessConnect can work with you to determine if you qualify for this program. Contact the ZYDELIG AccessConnect Program to find out if you qualify for the ZYDELIG Patient Assistance Program.

Q: I recently lost my job and no longer have insurance. Would I qualify for free product under the Patient Assistance Program?

A: In a number of situations, ZYDELIG can be provided at no cost to individuals who have had recent life changes. Contact the ZYDELIG AccessConnect Program to determine whether you are eligible to receive ZYDELIG under the Patient Assistance Program.

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