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ZYDELIG® AccessConnect® Program

ZYDELIG AccessConnect offers the support and services to help you access, afford, and stay on—or adhere to—your ZYDELIG® therapy.

Access support

Our Case Specialists can help you access ZYDELIG therapy by:

  • Helping to answer insurance and financial questions related to ZYDELIG
  • Determining your insurance coverage for ZYDELIG and any requirements for treatment to minimize delays in starting ZYDELIG
  • Coordinating with specialty pharmacies (ZYDELIG is available primarily through a select number of pharmacies, known as specialty pharmacies) to make sure your prescription is sent to the appropriate place

Financial support

We are committed to helping make ZYDELIG affordable. We work on matching you with a financial assistance program that meets your needs based on the eligibility criteria for different programs, including:

  • Gilead copay coupon assistance for individuals with commercial/private insurance*
  • Alternative financial support information about alternative public and private financial support sources
  • Gilead's Patient Assistance Program for eligible individuals without insurance coverage

*Patients with government prescription drug coverage, including patients in the Medicare Part D coverage gap, are not eligible.

Nurse support

Our Patient Support Nurses can offer useful tips to help you:

  • Take your medication as prescribed
  • Learn about support networks
  • Communicate with your prescriber about your treatment

Nurse support is available to all patients enrolled in ZYDELIG AccessConnect, or you can get nurse support through enrolling in the ZYDELIG Nurse Support Program directly.

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To enroll or receive information on AccessConnect:

  1. Complete and sign the
    ZYDELIG AccessConnect
    Enrollment Form
  2. or
  3. Call 1-844-6ACCESS
    enrollment information

Copay Coupon Card

Learn more about your eligibility for the ZYDELIG Copay Coupon Card.

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Getting Started

We can help answer insurance and financial questions related to ZYDELIG.

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